Transforming Young Minds

Project Mahatma is an invite-only club for our future leaders. We take the most promising students, and groom them to be the leaders our world needs and deserves. Students get access to our founding team of 25 Stanford alumni and our 250+ mentors, who lead multiple Fortune 500 companies, have created some of the world's largest non-profits and are social leaders, entrepreneurs, Bollywood stars and venture capitalists (to name a few). Entry to Project Mahatma is currently application-only.

The goal behind Project Mahatma is simple. We want to help young students discover their purpose in life, connect them to our incredible mentors and help them launch projects that reach millions of people across the globe. The students receive help with their college applications to top schools. Students also receive education in state of the art topics like Computer Science, AI, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship from Stanford alumni. Think of us as everything you need to get to where you want to be in your life!

Please note that Project Mahatma is not an official offering from Stanford University and is instead, run by 25 Stanford graduates in their individual capacity.

How Does It Work?

  • First Session

    The first session is an unofficial welcome to the Mahatma family, and is structured like therapy . We get a sense of your life, your interests, what sparks joy in your mind and what you want to achieve in life. We strongly believe that you can’t “find” your purpose, but you have to build your unique purpose. This first session enables us to look deep into our students, and get a sense of what matters to them and why. These sessions are usually an hour long, and conducted with the student’s first mentor. Usually at the end of the first session, we have 10-15 pages of reflections and insights on our student. We share these notes with our team.

  • Second Session

    The second session is the official welcome to the Mahatma family, and is usually over 3 hours long. Our team diligently go through the notes from the first session, and recommend classes for the student. We also give students free access to hundreds of textbooks. An average Project Mahatma curriculum has around 10,000 pages of exclusive curriculum. Preparing the curriculum is a labour of love, and usually takes our team 100+ hours for each student . Our students love the curriculum. Not only does the curriculum have everything they have ever been interested in, it also has everything they might be interested in. Think of it as an endless reservoir of creativity and curiosity!

  • Third Session & Beyond

    During the third session, we work with the students to build their personal websites. Having a personal website is incredibly important. For one, most admission officers google the students when they apply for top colleges. During the 4th session, we go through the design thinking process with you. We start by identifying the population/place/cause you empathize with. Then, we define the exact problems we can solve. Post defining the problem, we come up with bold ideas to help tackle these problems. Finally, we prototype and test solutions we build. In general, our students work on at least two major projects every year, and we help them scale the project to minimum 10,000 users.

Who Are We?

We are a team of 25 Stanford alumni. We care deeply about young students and want to help them succeed and become the best version of themselves.

  • 150 Students Currently Enrolled
  • 260 Mentors Around the Globe
  • 25 Stanford Graduates

We first setup a face to face meeting with a Project Mahatma mentor. We have over 200 mentors across the globe. We decide if you are a good fit for Project Mahatma and once you are in, we get started. Age is no barrier to entry in Project Mahatma. We have worked with kids in 6th grade and adults who are 45 and are looking for a career change. You need to be young at heart, willing to do the work and excited to discover a new kind of life. You don't need to be passionate about something, but you need to be willing to find your passion and build your unique purpose. Entry to Project Mahatma is competitive and we currently are only able to accept 1 in every 10 applicants.

In the last academic year alone, Mahatma students have been admitted into the following institutions:

Reach Out To Us

To apply to the program, please fill the following application form.

We currently offer three programs ~ the Mahatma Bootcamp , Mahatma Lite and Mahatma Pro.

Mahatma Bootcamp is a 2 week program that is essentially Mahatma on steroids. In 2 weeks, you will have 6 one-on-one sessions with our mentors. Every session will be 2 hours each, and you will go through the most essential parts of the Mahatma program. The program costs INR 2,80,000 (USD 4000). You can choose to sign on to the Bootcamp program and upgrade to the Lite/Pro program. Even after your Bootcamp program is over, you will still be invited to our exclusive Mahatma talks.

Mahatma Lite is a 1 year program that includes a 2 hour session with our mentors, once every month (a total of 12 sessions over the year). Mahatma Lite is perfect for students who are spread thin, but still want to ensure they are on the right path to build their unique purpose. The program costs INR 5,60,000 (USD 8000). You can choose to sign on to the Lite program and upgrade to the Pro program, whenever you want.

Mahatma Pro is our most elite offering. Pro includes 2 hour weekly sessions with our mentors, over a year (a total of 52 sessions). This is our most popular offering and our top mentors help students build and launch their passion projects. Mahatma Pro includes a direct connection with our top mentors, significantly more interactions with our team and is built to be a concierge for the most important years of your life. Pro also includes very detailed mentoring, step-by-step guidance on your college applications, provides exclusive internships, helps you build your skills and more. Mahatma Pro costs INR 20,00,000 (USD 30,000) for the full year.

Shorter durations are available in both programs. You can email us at to hear more.