Helping Young Indians

Our goal is to help young Indians find their “ikigai” (reason of being) . We only take India's brightest and smartest young minds and we train them to lead our country to a brighter future. We hope to inspire young Indians to action, by connecting them to some of the smartest people in the country. "Ikigai" exists at the intersection of the following 4 questions:

  1. Are you doing something that you love?
  2. Are you doing something that the world needs?
  3. That you are good at?
  4. And that you can be paid for?

How Does It Work?

  • First, We Meet

    We first setup a face to face meeting with a Project Mahatma mentor. We have over 200 mentors across the country. Our mentors lead Fortune 500 companies, have created some of India's largest non-profits and are social leaders, entrepreneurs, Bollywood stars and venture capitalists (to name a few). We decide if you are a good fit for Project Mahatma and once you are in, we get started. Age is no barrier to entry in Project Mahatma. We have worked with kids in 6th grade and adults who are 45 and are looking for a career change. You need to be young at heart, willing to do the work and excited to discover a new kind of life. You don't need to be passionate about something, but you need to be willing to find your passion.

  • Then, We Take A Step Back

    We follow a radical 5 step process, designed by Stanford's "Designing Your Life" department. Above all, we think of life as a prototype. We help you conduct experiments, make discoveries, and change your perspectives. The first step to designing your life is by taking a critical look at yourself. You need to understand where you are right now — professionally, mentally, physically — to then see where you’re going next. You need to ask yourself some hard questions, like when was the last time you felt truly happy? What makes you smile and laugh? What do you wish you’d never have to do again? We help you dig deep into yourself and assess your experiences, jobs, relationships, and extracurricular activities up until this point. Beware of dysfunctional thinking — do not get stuck in the idiosyncrasies of age old career advice like “what is your passion?” .

  • Finally, We Ideate

    Here comes the fun part! We help you imagine different five and ten-year scenarios for your life. Start with three options—from one that may be pretty traditional to your background to one that is something you’d do if money wasn’t a factor and if you didn’t care what other people thought. Finally, you get to prototype these future lives. What does a prototype of your life look like? Well, they can be conversations and interviews, shadowing of positions, or short or long term experiences. If you want to be an entrepreneur, we help set up internships where you can shadow the founder of a billion dollar startup. We help setup conversations with people who have done/are doing what you want to do. We help create possible paths you can take to get where you want to be.

Who Are We?

We are a team of graduates and professors from Stanford University and we have travelled extensively throughout India. We care deeply about young Indians and want to help them succeed and to become the best version of themselves.

  • 4200 People Reached
  • 210 Mentors In India
  • 25 Stanford Graduates
  • 6 Months Program

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Reach Out To Us

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To apply to the program, please fill the following application form.